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What does egg donation involve? – Meet our dedicated Egg Donation Team

If you are interested in donating your eggs, or need donor eggs as a part of your fertility treatment, you will meet our friendly Donation Coordinators.

Our team are experts in understanding the circumstances of women who would like to donate their eggs, and also women who need donor eggs in their treatment.

The first step towards egg donation is to book you in for a counselling session with our Counsellor, Gill. This appointment will be for about an hour, and if you are in a relationship, your partner should also attend. If you have any questions prior to booking, feel free to contact our Donor Administrator, Jenny, who will be happy to help.


Why do potential donors need counselling?

Counselling is an integral part of the egg donation process. We do find it extremely important that all potential donors understand what their donation will mean. Our Counsellor, Gill, will discuss the donation process, answer any questions you may have, and explore the implications of the decisions being made – for you and for any future children created as a result of your donation.

At Bath Fertility, we want to be sure that we give you all the information you need and also that we will support you throughout the process. Once you have had a session with our counsellor, you may decide that donation is not for you and your journey will then end here. If you decide you would like to go ahead and become an egg donor, you could be giving someone else something they never thought they would have – a family of their own.

I have made my decision and would like to donate, what’s next?

Following your session with our counsellor, you will be booked in for an appointment to have an AMH blood test to check how your ovaries may respond to the fertility drugs. Occasionally this result indicates you would not be able to donate.

Once we have the results of your blood test, we will book you in to see one of our Donation Coordinators: Clare or Helen M. You will also have a vaginal ultra sound scan and some additional blood tests at this appointment.

When the results of blood tests are available (about 8 weeks later), your egg donation cycle can begin.

What is the treatment for donating eggs?

The treatment for egg donation is similar to IVF, except that you will not have an embryo transfer. You will also be officially registered with the HFEA Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority as an egg donor.

We want you to feel supported and cared for during this time. Should you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our friendly Donation Coordinators. For more information, please call us on 01761 434464, or email us on