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Ovulation induction

If you don’t ovulate reliably but you have normal healthy tubes and your partner has a normal or nearly normal semen analysis, it may be possible for you to have ovulation induction (OI) as a treatment.

What is ovulation induction and follicle tracking?

OI and follicle tracking treatment is where you’re given fertility drugs to stimulate the development of a few follicles, which are ‘tracked’ or monitored by ultrasound scan.

When a sufficient number of your follicles are judged to have reached the optimum size, a final injection is given to trigger ovulation. We then advise you when to have intercourse on to maximise the chance of your partner’s sperm reaching a ripe egg and for fertilisation to occur.

What is involved in this treatment?

Before you start treatment, an ultrasound scan is carried out to check the appearance of your ovaries. Providing this is normal, a low dose of fertility drugs is started to stimulate the production of one or more follicles.

A week after starting injections, another scan is carried out to check how many follicles are growing and their size. We’re aiming for you to have a maximum of 3 large follicles and no more than 2 smaller. If the scan shows this, a final injection of a different hormone is needed to release the egg(s) 34-40 hours later. Intercourse should be timed to coincide with this.

How successful is it?

Pregnancy rates for OI are around 10-15% per treatment cycle. This is lower than with IVF/ICSI as we’re not able to be certain that fertilisation has taken place following ovulation and intercourse. For this reason OI is usually limited to 3 cycles before we review your progress.

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