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Receiving Donor Sperm

What does treatment using donor sperm involve?

We use donor sperm to treat patients for a variety of reasons: it may be that your male partner is not producing his own sperm, you may be women in a same sex relationship or a single women wishing to have a child.

Donor Insemination uses the technique of intra-uterine insemination (IUI) which involves placing motile sperm in your uterus at the time of ovulation. It can also be used in IVF and ICSI treatments.

Who are our sperm donors?

We do not currently have our own donor bank at Bath Fertility and the availability of sperm donors from other clinics in the UK is very limited.. Consequently we usually import donor samples from one of two overseas clinics who meet all HFEA licence requirements. All donors have had a full family medical history taken and are screened in a similar way to blood donors.

Occasionally patients ask to have treatment using a donor that is known to them (e.g. a friend or a member of their family). In these cases, a strict process is followed and requires full screening and counselling for both the donor and recipient.

Finding a sperm donor

The two overseas clinics that we use most frequently are the European Sperm Bank (Denmark) or Xytex (USA).  We ask that you select and purchase your own donors unless your treatment is NHS funded. Both clinics provide comprehensive detailed information about their donors and will guide you through the purchasing process. More information is available at or We maintain good communication links with both clinics and will liaise closely with them to ensure the safe arrival of samples in Bath.

A new UK donor bank has recently been set up  Currently you cannot use their website to search their sperm donor catalogue, therefore patients should email with their donor preferences and Semovo will search their internal catalogue for the donors that are the closest match.

How successful is treatment using donor sperm?

Success of treatments using donor sperm is very much dependent upon your age, fertility diagnosis and the type of treatment used. Our average pregnancy rate for Donor Insemination is 23% but the latest information can be found at

If you would like a copy of our  Receiving Donor Sperm leaflet please call 01761 434464 and speak to one of our dedicated patient advisers who can help you with any questions you might have.