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Receiving Donor Eggs

Who are our egg donors?

Our anonymous egg donors are either women who donate their eggs for altruistic reasons as they wish to help other women become mothers or they have donated some of their eggs as part of our egg sharing programme.

Egg donors are young women who have chosen to donate and are between the ages of 18-35 years old.

Egg donors provide us with their medical and social history for themselves and their family.  They also undertake a number of blood tests that screen for viruses, these include HIV and hepatitis, and genetic disorders such as cystic fibrosis.

Occasionally we treat recipients with a donor known to the couple.

What does treatment using donor eggs involve?

If you need to use donor eggs as part of your fertility treatment this will involve an initial consultation where we are able to give an indication of donor availability. If you choose to have treatment at Bath Fertility you will be added to our waiting list. Unlike some clinics we do not charge a fee to go on the waiting list.

After your initial consultation we will arrange an implications counselling appointment. All potential recipients of donor eggs must see the counsellor, irrespective of previous counselling for other forms of fertility treatment.

A member of our nursing team will ensure that all your blood tests and consent forms are completed. Once a donor becomes available, you will be contacted so that your treatment cycle can be planned by our donor coordinator. Your treatment typically starts 4-6 weeks later. The actual timing of the programme cycle is variable so it is important that your availability is as flexible as possible.

How successful is treatment using donor eggs?

The chance of success using donated eggs is often greater than when using your own eggs, because the donors are young (under 36) fertile women many who have completed their own families. Our success rates are in line with the national average (40% per cycle started).

International partnership for donor eggs – No wait times

Bath Fertility is pleased to announce a joint venture with one of the top Fertility Clinics in Europe, The Institut Marquès in Barcelona, for women requiring treatment with donor eggs. Patients who require donated eggs often spend a substantial length of time on waiting lists. In an effort to provide patients with further options, Bath Fertility has established a link with one of the most successful egg donation centres in Europe – The Institut Marquès  . This integrated egg donation centre has well-established, internationally recognised reputation.

Institut Marquès currently has a large catalogue of egg donors allowing Bath Fertility to offer egg donation without delay. These donors undergo the same rigorous screening as in the UK. Donors and patients are carefully matched according to their characteristics and blood group. Unlike, the UK, egg and semen donation in Spain is anonymous and, therefore, the identity of donor can never be revealed.

While receiving oocytes from UK egg donors is still available to patients overseas donation removes the often long wait times.

The joint venture we have in place with them means that if any patients decide to seek treatment in Spain, all the initial stages (consultation, screening tests and cycle monitoring) of your treatment can take place at Bath Fertility. This means that patients will only need to travel to Spain twice; once for the initial sperm freeze and once for the embryo transfer.

If you require any further information, including up to date information treatment costs or wish to make an appointment please contact Bath Fertility on 01761 434464.

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