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Egg sharing

Egg sharing is where patients, who are likely to respond well to fertility treatment, can undergo IVF and donate some of their eggs to a woman who can’t produce or use her own.

You may wish to share your eggs following from your IVF treatment in return for financial help funding your own treatment. In these circumstances the egg recipient undertakes to pay most of the expenses involved, resulting in a lower cost of treatment for the sharer.

Who are potential sharers?

Egg sharers need to:

  • have a body mass index of <29kg/m2
  • under 36 years of age
  • have blood tests which indicate a good ovarian reserve
  • be a non-smoker
  • have an uncomplicated medical history
  • have had no previous unsuccessful IVF treatment

What is involved?

The first step towards egg sharing is to talk to one of our nurse donor specialists. You’ll then need to make an initial appointment to see one of our consultants, who will assess your suitability for this programme.

If you’re accepted on to the egg share programme you’ll then need to see our counsellors. This allows you to discuss any concerns you have about egg sharing such as the implications for you and your family. It’s essential that everyone who is considering egg sharing has counselling with their partner.

After your counselling session you’ll need to make an appointment to see our specialist nurse, who will take a detailed medical history and discuss the egg share process in more detail, as well as take blood samples for screening.

It’s important that you understand what the expectation is regarding the number of eggs you are donating.

Sharers commit to donate half of their eggs to a recipient, providing a sufficient number are collected (minimum 8). If during your treatment cycle it is found there are too few eggs to share you can still go ahead with egg collection and will retain all eggs for your own treatment.

We aim to allocate eggs equally between you and the recipient, however if there is an odd number the extra egg is kept for your own treatment.

For more info please call 01761 434464 and speak to one of our dedicated patient advisors.