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Time Lapse Monitoring

We are able to offer you one of the latest fertility treatment advances, Primo Vision, for time lapse monitoring of your IVF and ICSI embryos.

What is time lapse?

Using special cameras, housed within an incubator, photos are taken every 10 minutes allowing the timings and development patterns of the embryo(s) growth to be watched over the duration of embryo culture, rather than the traditional single observation per day.

How can this help me?

Various studies have shown that time lapse imaging can increase the chances of pregnancy. There are two potential reasons for its beneficial effects:

Firstly, it can help the embryology team to choose the embryo(s) with the highest chance of successful implantation. We can use the imaging to help us exclude any embryos that show suboptimal development which may not be evident using traditional methods of embryo grading.  This is very helpful when choosing which of your embryos to use for both transfer and freezing.

Secondly, embryo development can be monitored continually without disturbing the embryo culture environment, as the specialist cameras are housed within one of our normal incubators.

Are there any disadvantages?

There are no disadvantages. Embryos are cultured in the exactly the same medium and within specialist incubators. The only differences are the specially designed dishes that fit into the camera units.

Can I choose to have time lapse?

Time lapse imaging is available, on request, to all patients. Due to the limited availability of cameras, we ask that patients book a slot in advance of their proposed week of treatment.

Will I get a copy of the images and videos created from using time lapse?

 You will receive a printed image of your embryo(s) for transfer and you can request a copy of the related time lapse video(s) at any time after embryo transfer.

This VIDEO  shows 9 embryos from one of our first patients to use our time-lapse system. It is easy to see the different rates at which embryos can grow. This patient had embryo #9 transferred (bottom right of the screen) and her little boy is now 18 months old.

Are there any additional costs involved?

Yes, there is an extra cost for this service. This service is not included with NHS funded IVF cycles. For the most up to date costings please see page 3 Additional Costs

Where can I find out more information?

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the team at Bath Fertility. More information can be found at or