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NHS funding

For fertility treatment, such as IVF many couples are eligible for funding from the NHS.

NHS funding for fertility treatment varies throughout the country, with access criteria being determined by the local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

Criteria required CCGs

CCGs apply criteria that affect access to NHS funded IVF treatment. This includes:

  • Being a healthy weight (BMI range 19-30)
  • Not smoking
  • In some instances, not having children from this or any previous relationships
  • Being within a specific age range

How to apply for NHS funding

Either your GP practice or Bath Fertility will apply for your funding. Some CCGs (e.g. BNSSG and Somerset) require criteria to be met for assessment, as well as treatment. We’ll do all we can to secure your funding with your local CCG.

Regardless of where you live in England, you can choose to come to us as an NHS patient. When you visit your GP, simply ask to be referred to Bath Fertility and we’ll take care of the rest. Patients travel from around the country to come to us for their treatment, both on the NHS or privately. Some CCGs commission locally so prior approval to a fertility clinic ‘out of area’ needs to be gained. We can complete this application.

Wait times for fertility treatment

The wait times for fertility treatment on the NHS are approximately four to six weeks. You can start your treatment as soon as investigations are complete.

NHS funding if you or your partner have children

This will be determined by the fertility policy of your local CCG. Some CCGs will not fund treatment if you have existing children even if they’re not from your current relationship, don’t live with you and/or are over 18. Some CCGs may provide funding if you have no children in this partnership.

If you don’t meet the criteria for NHS funding, we’ll provide advice on the next step. This may include lifestyle changes to encourage weight loss or to stop smoking. We also offer various cost-saving and funding options including interest-free finance or Access Fertility programmes.

For more info to understand whether you qualify for NHS funding, please ring our patient advisory team on 01761 434464 or email us on