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Funding options

Payment options

We understand that cost is one of the biggest implications when considering infertility treatment.  At Bath Fertility our straight forward, patient-focused approach means that all our prices are published transparently so that you know exactly what you are paying for with no hidden charges. We are currently the only IVF clinic, working with Access Fertility in the region, offering patients under the age of 40 a refund of up to 100% and a discounted multi-cycle package.

Access Fertility also offer payment options for its programme here at Bath Fertility Centre. To find out more about payment plans  including monthly payment options, please contact Access Fertility on 01865 80 1000.

If you’re under the age of 36, you may also like to consider the egg sharing programme where IVF/ICSI treatment is provided at a reduced cost. This would involved donating some of your eggs to help other women become mothers as part of our egg sharing programme. Acceptance onto the egg sharing programme is subject to medical review.

By partnering with Access Fertility we hope to help our patients budget for the cost of fertility treatment and offer peace of mind – the discounted treatment offers a significant saving compared to paying for the same treatment as you go along and if you are unable to have a baby you will receive a up to a 100% refund if you opt for the IVF Refund package.

We are the only provider in the South West able to offer two different types of fixed price treatment plans: The IVF Refund and the IVF Multi-Cycle.

IVF Refund Plan

Pre-pay for two or three cycles of IVF or ICSI with refund element.

  • Three cycle IVF Refund package starts at £8,350
  • Two cycle IVF Refund package is £7,600
  • Three cycle ICSI Refund package starts at £9,600
  • Two cycle ICSI Refund package is £8,750

Receive up to 100% of fees paid as a refund if no live birth is achieved after 3 treatment cycles or if you decide to withdraw from the programme before completing 2 or 3 treatment cycles.


  • Up to three IVF/ICSI cycles and unlimited frozen cycles
  • Freezing and one year’s storage for your embryos
  • No time limit for when cycles have to be completed by
  • Any patient aged under 40, using their own eggs, is eligible for this plan subject to a medical review.

IVF Multi-Cycle Plan

Pre-pay for two cycles of IVF or ICSI at significantly reduced cost to paying per individual cycle.

Patients aged up to 39

  • IVF Multi-Cycle £6,300
  • ICSI Multi-Cycle £7,200

Patients aged up 40 – 42

  • IVF Multi-Cycle £6,400
  • ICSI Multi-Cycle £7,400


  • Up to two IVF/ICSI cycles and unlimited frozen cycles
  • Freezing and one year’s storage for your embryos.
  • No time limit for when the cycles have to be completed by.
  • Any patient aged under 43, using their own eggs, is eligible for this plan.

The following applies to both the IVF Refund Plan and the IVF Multi-Cycle Plan:


  • Diagnostic ultrasound scan
  • Patient treatment information meeting
  • Nurse planning appointments
  • Tailored ultra sound stimulation scans
  • Egg collections under sedation*
  • Laboratory costs*
  • Transfer of all embryos for cycles*
  • Unlimited transfer of all remaining frozen embryos in subsequent cycles
  • Blastocyst or assisted hatching*
  • Follow up appointments or pregnancy scan*
  • Up to 3 counselling sessions per cycle
  • Embryo freezing & 1 year storage
  • Assisted Hatching
  • HFEA licence fee  per cycle

Not included:

  • Consultant consultation
  • Semen analysis
  • Fertility drugs
  • Donor sperm
  • Donor eggs

* 2 cycles for IVF Multi-Cycle package or 3 cycles for IVF Refund package

For further information please either visit call Access Fertility on 01865 801000 (Mon-Fri 09:00 – 17:00) or call Bath Fertility Centre on 01761 434464.