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My life as an intern at Bath Fertility

“During my undergraduate degree in biochemistry at the University of Birmingham I realised that embryology was the career for me, so when I was offered the chance to undertake an internship at Bath Fertility I jumped at the opportunity.

Now having spent 3 months in the lab I have gained invaluable experience and a real insight into the vital roles embryologists play in a patient’s IVF journey.

During my internship I have received hands-on experience and training in lab work including semen analysis, a really important step to identify male factor infertility. Since being trained I have performed the daily semen analyses where I have learnt that patients are suitable for different treatments depending on sample parameters such as motility, morphology and concentration.

It has been great to have been given this responsibility and already receive training on skills that will be part of the day to day life of an embryologist. Along with this I have learnt so much about the different stages of treatment including the cryopreservation of gametes and embryos as well as embryo grading and the identification of top quality embryos for transfer.

I have also learnt about recent technologies that have been introduced into laboratories such as time-lapse imaging of embryos to minimise disturbances during culture.

Along with the lab work I have been lucky to spend time in other departments, observing egg collections and scans with the nurses, and with the admin department who have important roles as the first point of contact for patient treatment as well as answering and directing patient queries. I have seen how well the departments at Bath Fertility work together to deliver patient-focused care and help patients realise their hopes and dreams of a family.

In a few weeks’ time I am moving to London to begin an MSc in Reproductive Sciences and Women’s Health at University College London. After this I will apply to the NHS Scientist Training Programme to try to gain a place as a trainee embryologist.

The practical skills I have learnt and knowledge I have gained about fertility treatment as well as advice on applications and interviews from the embryology team will help so much with my future endeavours and I can’t thank Bath Fertility enough for giving me this amazing opportunity!”