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NHS fertility clinic

The Royal United Hospital’s fertility clinic, referred to as Reproductive Medicine clinic on the e-Referral system,  is held at the Bath Fertility Centre. This clinic offers a comprehensive range of specialist investigations and treatments for couples presenting with fertility problems.

If you have been experiencing difficulties conceiving the Reproductive Medicine clinic is where your initial investigations will take place.

For access to the fertility clinic ask your GP to refer you to the reproductive medicine clinic at Bath Fertility Centre. Anyone in England, regardless of where you live, can choose to be seen at the Bath Fertility Centre as an NHS patient.

NHS patients: ask your GP to refer you either direct or through the NHS E-Referral system, which makes it simple and convenient for you to make your initial appointment.

Self-funded patients: please phone us for details on how to book a private appointment with one of our consultants.

If you are unsure whether you qualify for NHS funding, please phone us for advice, or check with your own GP.

NHS waiting times are generally quite short.

Various initial medical tests and investigations are necessary for us to accurately diagnose your fertility issues. Ideally most of these tests can be arranged by your referring GP, and the results supplied to us with your patient referral letter.  This will significantly speed your progress through the fertility diagnosis and treatment process.

Investigations and treatment are for you as a couple rather than an individual, so you should attend the first appointment together. At your first visit we will take a detailed history from you both and if appropriate commence investigations including a vaginal ultrasound scan to assess the uterus and ovaries..

Counselling:  Many people find the process of infertility investigations and treatment stressful even before they reach us.  Sometimes it affects people’s mood or their close relationships in some way; this may show itself in sexual problems, arguments, sadness or feeling misunderstood.  Free counselling with or without your partner is available to all who attend the clinic. Please ask for an appointment with the counsellor.

If you would like a copy of our  Fertility Diagnosis & Treatment leaflet please call 01761 434464 and speak to one of our dedicated patient advisers who can help you with any questions you might have.