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At Bath Fertility Centre we are keen to share information and build relationships with GPs wishing to refer patients to us.

If you would be interested in either a consultant or one of our embryologists coming out to give an educational talk to your practice then please contact us on 01761 434464.

For further information on referring patients to Bath Fertility Centre either for Reproductive Medicine or Fertility Treatments please see our BFC GP brochure (web version). If you would like a hard copy please e-mail

Reproductive Medicine Referrals

To refer your patient for reproductive medicine please either use the NHS e-Referral system (previously known as Choose & Book) selecting: Speciality Gynaecology; Clinic Type Infertility; Service Name Reproductive Medicine – Bath Fertility Centre (RUH Bath), or patients can be referred by paper referral.

The download documents here provide helpful advice when considering referring couples for fertility treatment or gamete storage.

The initial investigation and management of the infertile couple

WHO lower reference limits for semen analysis

Oncology patients – referral for gamete storage

Before considering referral of patients for pre-treatment sperm or egg storage, please read the Clinical Guidelines provided in this document:

Referring oncology patients for pre-treatment gamete or embryo storage

Referrals for sperm storage

Please give the patient the information leaflet “sperm freezing for men having chemotherapy or radiotherapy” and ask him to complete the man’s health questionnaire before taking blood samples for viral screening tests. Complete the Sperm storage referral form and fax a copy to the relevant CCG and to Bath Fertility Centre. Note that Wiltshire patients require an additional form – see below.

Sperm freezing for men having chemotherapy or radiotherapy (patient information)

Man’s health questionnaire

Sperm freeze referral form

Referrals for egg storage

Please give the patient the information leaflet on egg freezing and complete the referral form below. Take blood samples for viral screening tests. Note that NHS funding for egg storage requires prior approval from the relevant CCG or Trust.


Egg storage referral form

Wiltshire patients

Please note that NHS Wiltshire require additional forms to be completed for NHS funding.

If you have any queries or would like any further information about the fertility treatment services we offer, please call the centre on 01761 434464 or email


Patient information leaflets

If you would like a supply of all, or any, of these patient leaflets please call Victoria on 07798 930547 or email

Bath Fertility ICSI leaflet

Bath Fertility IVF leaflet

Bath Fertility Fertility Diagnosis & Treatment leaflet

Bath Fertility Egg Donatioan & Sharing leaflet

Bath Fertility Donor Sperm leaflet