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Causes of infertility

Many people attending a fertility clinic will be familiar with the fact that one in six couples experience problems achieving a pregnancy.

A consultation with us can help you understand why you aren’t conceiving. We’ll be able to arrange any additional tests which may be required for diagnosis and can offer treatment which gives you the best chance of having a baby.

Around one third of infertility cases are due to known female causes such as tubal disease, endometriosis, ovulatory disorders and age-related factors. Diagnostic tests may include assessment of tubal patency using HyCoSy or laparoscopy, as well as blood tests for hormone profiles to check ovulation and ovarian reserve. Depending on the diagnosis there are a range of treatments that can help, from simple ovulatory drugs to IVF.

A lot of couples with infertility have some type of male factor. Whilst infertility due to female problems is now often talked about in a fairly open way this is often not the case for men, perhaps because a lot of people still wrongly associate fertility with virility. Male fertility is assessed by semen analysis and there is a small private room at the clinics set aside for sample production. Semen analysis includes tests for sperm concentration, motility and shape. Where any of these are suboptimal ICSI is usually the recommended treatment. We have helped many men with subfertility become fathers and can offer the latest advanced procedures including hormone profiles, chromosome and genetic testing, sperm DNA fragmentation testing and surgical retrieval of sperm.

Unexplained infertility (where no cause can be identified in either partner) accounts for another third of cases. Treatment options include IUI and IVF. For those who have been trying to conceive for more than 2 years IVF may be more appropriate, and may be recommended sooner if the woman is over 39.

If you’re having difficulty achieving a pregnancy, do contact us for advice. For infertility investigations you can either make a private appointment directly with us, or you can ask your GP whether you meet the criteria to be referred through the NHS to reproductive medicine (the RUH Reproductive Medicine clinic is hosted at Bath Fertility).

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