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Our Bristol clinic is now open

Located in Aztec West Bristol, with easy access from the city centre and nearby motorways, our brand new clinic opened in early November 2018 and is already providing fertility treatments to NHS-funded and self-funding patients.

Bath Fertility has some of the best success rates for fertility treatment in the country, with a 25 year proven track record. We’ve brought that same expertise to our Bristol clinic, together with our warm, professional and sensitive support and advice.

Together with our ongoing investment into the most advanced fertility treatments in the world, our flexible payment options and no waiting list, you won’t find a clinic that’s closer to giving you the family you want.

So don’t wait. Book your first consultation for just £150 and be one of our first patients at our new Bristol clinic.

Five easy steps:

  1. Speak to us about your choices

    Our doors are always open if you're thinking about fertility treatment. You may want to book a free visit with our friendly patient advisors who can answer any questions you may have.

  2. Eligibility for NHS funding

    Our informative patient advisors will be able to establish if you can access NHS funding. They may suggest a GP referral, but will guide you in the right direction. Regardless of where you live, you can choose to come to us as a NHS or self-funding patient.

  3. Book your £150 consultation

    If you are self-funding your treatment we can arrange your consultation. Your initial consultation will cost £150 and includes a vaginal ultrasound scan and a semen analysis, if appropriate.

  4. Meet your fertility specialist

    At your consultation our fertility specialist will talk to you about you (and your partner's) medical history and identify the best treatment to suit your needs. Any tests or screening which may be needed before or as a part of your treatment will be discussed at this time.

  5. No wait times

    We do not have a waiting list, which means you can start your treatment immediately.

Outstanding success rates

IVF/ICSI 43% pregnancy rate in under 38s.
Frozen embryo transfer pregnancy rate 35% in under 38s.

New Bristol clinic

New clinic in Bristol. Now open.

£150 consultation

Don't wait. We are offering consultations to the price of £150.

Free Open Evening

Attend one of our Open Evening and meet our team of fertility experts.

Fertility specialists

Our patients value the fertility expertise, professional support and warm personal service our team provides.

Paying for your fertility treatment

We offer various cost and funding options including interest-free finance or Access Fertility Refund Programmes.

Your Patient Journey

  1. Step 1: Seeking help to get pregnant

    Fertility investigations are available both privately and through the NHS Reproductive Medicine Clinic if you have been trying to become pregnant without success.

  2. Step 2: Do I need IVF?

    We are here to offer you fertility investigation, diagnosis and treatment with compassion and care. During your initial consultation your fertility specialist will tailor treatment to your needs.

  3. Step 3: How do I pay for my treatment?

    If you can't access NHS funding cost may be one of the biggest concerns. We have a wide range of funding and cost saving options designed to suit the needs of all our patients, including interest-free finance or refund programmes.

  4. Step 4: Undergoing treatment

    We are here to help you throughout your journey, giving you the best possibility of success. We invest in the very latest technology and techniques, which have proven results, to ensure outstanding clinical care.

  5. Step 5: Getting support

    We are not just about treating you medically but believe that it is invaluable to offer you emotional support whether it is through our counselling service or being able to call our team to answer your questions.

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