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40 Years of IVF – A Personal Perspective

By N.C Sharp, Senior Director at Bath Fertility I graduated from medical school in 1976, having decided to pursue a career in Obstetrics & Gynaecology. I was therefore a Junior Doctor when the birth of Louise Brown was announced in July 1978, and the collaboration of a Scientist (Robert Edwards), a Gynaecologist (Patrick Steptoe) and … Continued

Recent studies show no benefit from endometrial scratching

There has been a lot of attention in the press lately around endometrial scratching, a procedure that was thought to help embryos implant by improving the endometrial receptivity. Endometrial scratching involves creating a small area of injury to the endometrium by passing a sterile catheter through the cervix and into the uterus. The endometrium (lining … Continued

Does egg freezing work, should I get tested?

During fetal development, the female baby develops her own store of eggs – approximately 4 million in fact. By the time the girl has reached puberty, many of these have disappeared – though we don’t know why. At puberty there are about 400,000 eggs in the ovaries, and these will gradually be used up over … Continued

From Patient Advisor to Health Care Assistant – a new career opportunity

Here at Bath Fertility we support our employees continued professional development, so we are delighted that our team member, Hannah, has moved from the Business Team to become a Health Care Assistant in the Nursing Team. Hannah has always been passionate about health care and became increasingly interested in fertility when working as a Patient … Continued

What does egg donation involve? – Meet our dedicated Egg Donation Team

If you are interested in donating your eggs, or need donor eggs as a part of your fertility treatment, you will meet our friendly Donation Coordinators. Our team are experts in understanding the circumstances of women who would like to donate their eggs, and also women who need donor eggs in their treatment. The first … Continued

Fast track to funding for fertility treatment

Are you worried, not sure whether you need help or concerned that it may cost a fortune? Come in and speak to our fertility team who will provide expert advice as to what is right for you. Whether your fertility treatment is available through the NHS or you’re self-funding, or you need to spread your … Continued

25 families created through treatment at Bath Fertility visited Father Christmas and raised funds for the Genesis Trust

On Saturday 16th December 2017, 25 families created through fertility treatment at Bath Fertility, joined us for festive celebrations. Mr Sharp who founded Bath Fertility in 1994 was Father Christmas for the day and welcomed families created through fertility treatment in our very own Christmas grotto. Mince pies, gingerbread men and hot chocolate were served … Continued

How to talk to family and friends about your fertility treatment

When you are struggling with infertility, communicating with family and friends can be very difficult. They may be fabulous in so many ways, but even the most caring amongst them do not always know how to address your issues. Our Counsellor, Gill Aldridge, recommends the following steps to patients who are finding it hard to … Continued