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Bath Fertility celebrates major anniversaries

In 1993 our founder, Mr Nick Sharp, approached the Chairman of the Board of the Bath Royal United Hospital NHS Trust (RUH) and suggested the establishment of an Assisted Conception service on the RUH site. The proposal was put to the Board who unanimously agreed, and an empty unused part of the hospital was identified … Continued

Choosing a fertility clinic that’s right for you

We understand that choosing a fertility clinic is a very personal decision. We’ve put together a brief guide to help you make the right decision. So, what’s important? Specialist fertility expertise Is there a waiting time for treatment Clinical success rates Care and support Transparent costs Funding and payment options It can be difficult to … Continued

How to cope with miscarriage

Not spoken about enough, often insufficiently recognised, and for many friends, family and even medical staff, possibly an awkward subject for discussion. Too many couples struggle to understand, discuss and cope with miscarriage. Everyone’s experience is different and there is no right or wrong way to react. Listen to your thoughts and feelings, share if … Continued

Bath Fertility join the CARE Fertility Family of IVF clinics

CARE Fertility the UK’s leading independent provider of fertility treatment are very pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Bath Fertility. With centres in both Bath and Bristol, Bath Fertility has over 25 years’ experience in the sector and achieved excellent results for both NHS and private patients. Nigel Robertson, CARE Chairman said ‘It’s great … Continued

The Time-Lapse Imaging Trial (TILT) at Bath Fertility

Bath Fertility are participating in a national study looking at the effectiveness of time-lapse imaging to monitor embryo development during IVF. What exactly is time-lapse imaging? Time-lapse imaging uses special cameras within an incubator to take photos of embryos every 10 minutes. This allows the timings and development patterns of embryo growth to be watched … Continued

My life as an intern at Bath Fertility

“During my undergraduate degree in biochemistry at the University of Birmingham I realised that embryology was the career for me, so when I was offered the chance to undertake an internship at Bath Fertility I jumped at the opportunity. Now having spent 3 months in the lab I have gained invaluable experience and a real … Continued

Is your life on hold?

Our Counsellor, Gill, says she often hear patients comment that walking through the doors of Bath Fertility feels like handing over control of their lives to the medical team. Frequently, patients tell her they feel powerless in their fertility journey, as there is no certainty and no guarantee of success. “You are working with science … Continued

The journey from egg to blastocyst

In natural conception, the open end of the fallopian tube moves towards the ovary. At ovulation the egg is released when the surface of the follicle gently tears open. The open end of the fallopian tube is fringed with little tentacles (a bit like a sea anemone) and these little fronds, called fimbriae, gently catch … Continued

Bath Fertility’s contribution to the results of the PIP-study

Bath Fertility was one of the UK centres involved in the PIP-study, an international randomised controlled trial looking into the effects of endometrial scratching on IVF treatment outcomes. The results were presented at the 2018 ESHRE annual conference and caused quite a stir because the research showed there was no difference in pregnancy rates between … Continued

How to interpret IVF success rates

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) – our regulatory authority – requires all clinics to provide information about treatment outcomes which are then verified and published on the HFEA website. These are available to anyone who wants to check a clinic’s performance. In the past pregnancy rates were published annually in a handbook, which … Continued