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Sherrie and Matthew’s story

“Our family now lives on through generations, thanks to the team at Bath Fertility after having ICSI IVF treatment.

We started our 2nd treatment in January 2018 following a failed round at another clinic. This time we had a short ICSI protocol, to help with not over stimulating. To our surprise we had 5 Eggs and all 5 had turned into embryos.

We were over the moon when we were told two of them were class “A” so we had one class “a” embryo transferred and one was frozen (we can’t believe we were lucky enough to have a frozen Emmie too). Emmie the name has stuck due to us having a picture of our embryo. We shared this picture with close family on the day of transfer saying “meet Emmie the embryo”, along with us the whole family and close friends called bump “Emmie”.

On February 7th 2018 we were a month pregnant, all our dreams had come true and I had the most amazing pregnancy. We enjoyed every step of it.

Matthew Harry Bear Blake was born on the 13/10/18, our precious miracle was born two weeks early he couldn’t wait to meet us, he is named after his daddy “Matthew”.

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We cannot thank Mr Coats and his whole team for giving us the most precious gift we could ask for, the whole experience has been a pleasant one, all thanks to them. At times it has been the most intense times of our lives, but at the same time the most precious and exciting time too, every experience on our journey has been a life changing one, but one we would never change for the world, we are so so lucky to have experienced life making this way.

The love we have for our baby is unconditional, Harry really is our everything, our dreams have come true all thanks to Bath Fertility staff, no words can thank you enough”