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Maria and Richard’s story

Maria and Richard were referred to the centre by their GP, and were booked in for a consultation with Mr Sharp. After investigations, tests came back normal and Mr Sharp suggested the problem could be a fertilisation issue. In cases like Maria and Richard’s, or if the problem can’t be identified, such as unexplained infertility, IVF with ICSI is offered as treatment.

Sadly the first cycle was unsuccessful. This was an extremely difficult and stressful time for both of them. Maria went on to see our counsellor and appreciated that she could talk freely to someone about her emotions without being told what she should or shouldn’t do. The couple decided to go ahead with treatment again and Maria was advised to undergo an endometrial scratch. This procedure is recommended if a woman has had failed cycles, but has a good quality of embryo(s). A few weeks later, Maria had a positive pregnancy test and are now parents to a beautiful girl named Jessica.

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Maria and Richard were both very pleased with the service and support they received at Bath Fertility. From the moment they walked through the clinic’s doors, they felt they were in good hands. All staff were friendly and understanding, and the fact that the centre did not feel clinical made the visits a lot easier. Maria and Richard would recommend Bath Fertility to any couples who struggle with infertility issues for so many reasons, but mostly because all staff were so down to earth. They look forward to coming back to the centre when it’s time to give Jessica a little brother or sister.