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Lucy and Neil’s story

“Our story we have told many times and it’s one we will never forget.

Our journey to have a family lasted 12 years, 10 of those at Bath Fertility. We were always treated with kindness and respect by whoever we met. We became familiar faces and the level of care never faltered. We have a special fondness in particular for Julie Nethercott, whom we saw quite frequently. She always had a smile and her warmth and kindness made a sometimes daunting situation easier.

We had many different treatments, including ICSI in 2005 which resulted in our 3 wonderful children, born over the following 6 years. We have also gone on to have another miracle baby, naturally.

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We feel truly blessed and we will be forever thankful to everyone at the clinic. We still look at all 4 of them and can’t quite believe it!!

Our family would not have happened if it wasn’t for this wonderful clinic and we can’t recommend them enough.

Excellent care and kindness, what more can you ask for!”