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Lianne and Andrew’s story

“I was referred to Bath Fertility by my doctor after being on clomid, with no impact. Having Polycystic Ovaries and no period myself and my husband we fighting a losing battle. The thought of not being able to have a family was soul destroying but we were determined not to give up!

Our first appointment was nerve racking but the staff were absolutely amazing making us feel very comfortable. We went on to have three cycles of IUI, but after the devastation of it not working we decided that IVF was the only option and way forward for us.

Once the decision of IVF was made it was all systems go. After injecting for over a week and not many follicles growing we increased the dose and after being scanned we were given a date for egg collection. The next three days were like a rollercoaster. Finding out the amount of eggs that were collected, the ones that fertilised and then waiting for the embryo transfer. Then the two week wait came.

Every niggle, every pain your heart sinks, trawling the internet for answers of the way you were feeling etc. Probably the longest two weeks ever! The morning I was due to take a test I woke up at 5.30, walking into the bathroom after little sleep. As I looked at the stick my hand shook – POSITIVE!!! I started shouting and crying, my husband cried to.

We rang the clinic and was given a 6 week scan date. We watched the screen waiting for a heartbeat. Much to our shock there were two!!

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However things weren’t plain sailing. As I turned 7 weeks I started to bleed, I panicked and rang the clinic. There wasn’t anything they could do apart from advise me to go to the early pregnancy clinic, so we did!

Both babies were fine, I had a haemotomo around both sacks. I had weekly scans to check all was ok but week 12 I went for my scan to discover one of the babies had died. We were devastated and thought it was all over. That wasn’t the case the other baby got stronger and stronger and I delivered our beautiful baby boy. The most amazing feeling in the world. I loved being pregnant but so frightened of doing the wrong thing.

I could go on forever with my thoughts feelings and experiences especially going through IUI to no avail then deciding IVF was the only answer. We have been blessed with three IVF babies that are our absolute world! We owe so much to the fertility clinic and staff. Thank you so much. Xx”