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Jodie and Naomi’s story

“My partner and I had known for a long time that we would always want to have a family together, however, as a same sex couple we knew that this would present itself with different challenges along the way. We were told about Bath Fertility through a small private hospital in Dorset that were closing, so we decided to get in touch.

The staff at Bath Fertility were so warm, welcoming and friendly right from our very first correspondence. We were invited along to their open evening and the time to attend quickly came around. October 2015 on a Wednesday evening we first visited Bath Fertility. It’s all a bit hazy in my memory, but I knew instantly that this was where I wanted our family to begin, I remember turning to my partner and we both smiled and instantly felt comfortable.

It was lovely and also reassuring to look around the room at that first open evening and see other same sex couples. I remember leaving that open evening having had so many of questions answered in such an informative, respectful and exciting way- for us the journey had really begun.

In the months that passed the team at Bath Fertility were always so kind and friendly, Michele was always quick to answer my many emails with a trillion questions, pointing us in the right direction for the steps that needed to be taken, the team ensured that our experience of making our own family went as smoothly and successfully as possible.

The idea of choosing a sperm donor and dealing with shipping, delivery and storage seemed so overwhelming to me but the team at Bath Fertility took away all of the stress and worry and once we had chosen the donor, they dealt with everything else! As many will know, stating your own family often comes with many bumps along the road and our journey was no exception to this, many times there were tears from myself, and the team at Bath were always so supportive and never made me feel as though I was being irrational!

I will never forget the morning of 9th September 2016 when I had that bright smiling ovulation face staring back at me, I called up the centre instantly and was told to come in for 11am. I called my partner, tears already rolling down my face.

When we arrived we were greeted with excitement and well wishes. Helen was kind and graceful, as always, and she really shared in our anticipation and excitement. We had chosen to go for IUI and Paula and Helen joined myself and my partner in the room which was so calm and peaceful – the whole experience was actually very beautiful and not at all how I had envisaged it being, it didn’t feel medical or impersonal at all – it felt as though my partner and I were making a baby, which indeed we were!

We were one of the lucky ones who fell pregnant first time and now over a year later we have the most beautiful 4 month old baby girl and it is all thanks to the wonderful team at Bath Fertility, they will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Since our daughter’s birth they have been in touch many times and we are very excited to be taking her to meet them next week.

We will continue to remain in touch with the team at Bath Fertility, where our remaining sperm is on ice waiting for when we choose to extend our family, which we will do and we will be honoured and excited to go through it all again with this very special team of people. Thank you so much to you all, we are so very blessed!”