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Jocelyn & Robin’s story

“Jocelyn & I are so pleased how Bath Fertility has managed to grow from strength to strength over the past 25 years, as has our beautiful and talented daughter, Charlotte, their first successful conception, who is currently striving to achieve her dream to work in the sport industry to help others achieve their fullest potential.

To have been one of the first couples to be invited in 1994, to what was then the Bath Assisted Conception Clinic (BACC) – and then to be successful in our first attempt to conceive a child means so much and has provided a quality to our lives that we could not have imagined or foreseen.

That is not to say that there haven’t been challenges along the way with many sleepless nights when she was ill or couldn’t sleep; the first time she went away on her own; exam results; boyfriends; career development etc. Experiences that every human being has to endure, but when it’s your own offspring it seems so much more intense – albeit rewarding in the long run!

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We were incredibly fortunate to have struck gold first time and are very aware of couples with more challenging circumstances than us. All we can say is if you are able to persevere, then the rewards are like nothing else you might experience for the rest of your lives!”