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Charlotte and Lee’s story

“We started our IVF journey in 2014 after I had my remaining fallopian tube removed following my 2nd ectopic pregnancy. Knowing we could no longer conceive, we applied for NHS funding and were granted 3 rounds. We completed 2 of these at another IVF centre which was the only one we were offered. These did not result in a pregnancy. Our frozen attempt at this clinic led to a miscarriage at 8 weeks. This was handled badly by the clinic and both of us did not feel we could continue on the IVF journey.

Fortunately, my sister’s best friend had attended Bath Fertility and could not be more full of praise for the clinic and staff. We researched the centre, looked at the success rates and were impressed with everything we read. So mid 2016 I contacted Bath to see if there was any way we could use our last attempt at the centre.

Michele responded and quickly established that we could be treated in Bath and that our funding was transferable. She was so helpful!

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We had our consultation appointment with Mr Walker who restored some hope for us. He ordered some tests to reassure us that there was nothing that would prevent us from getting pregnant, and was optimistic but realistic about whether we could achieve a term pregnancy. We also opted to have the endometrial scratch which we are sure helped.

Throughout our treatment we felt included and consulted on all decisions made about our treatment. All our concerns and anxieties were address quickly and with great empathy and knowledge. We were pleasantly surprised at how accommodating the staff were – we never felt we were being a nuisance which was a vast difference to our experience at the previous clinic.

We had our 9 week scan on 01/08/2016 and welcomed twin boys on 10/03/2017! We are sure that the professionalism and care we were given was the biggest component in our success. When people ask us about IVF we always recommend Bath. We cannot thank the fertility centre enough for our miracles!”