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Bruce and Vinesh’s story

“We dreamed that one day we would be dads and have a baby, really hoped it would happen but never truly believed we would be this lucky. As a gay couple we needed a surrogate to help us, so we had joined Surrogacy UK, an organisation that helps couples meet a potential surrogate through making friendships.

Bath Fertility was half way between our surrogate and us and were excellent at organising for us all to come and meet the staff. We immediately felt like the staff understood our relatively unusual situation. Organising the moving down of our embryos, that we’d originally had created up north, was relatively easy and meant we could complete the rest of the process close to home.

Our surrogate had originally hoped to do a natural cycle, but unfortunately the monitoring cycle showed this might not work, but the centre was quick to change things, so we could do a medicated cycle.

Our transfer day at Bath Fertility was perfect with Helen there doing the actual transfer of our blastocyst. We and our surrogate were so relaxed that we were joking away with Helen when we were in the room for transfer. There is no doubt for us that this happiness helped make the transfer successful first time. Following the transfer, we had the joy of a positive test result and then when we went back for the 7 weeks scan we were so happy to see the foetus growing.

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Once our daughter was born it was fantastic to take her to back to the centre to visit Helen, Emma and a lot of the staff. It was wonderful to go back and thank the people that helped our surrogate to carry our very special baby girl for us”.