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Anonymous story

We started trying to conceive when I was in my late 30s and as the years passed by we endured several miscarriages.

We approached our GP when I was in my early 40s and my husband was approaching 50. Routine fertility tests showed simply that age was not on our side.

Our GP referred us to Bath Fertility and we attended an appointment with Mr Sharp soon after. Mr Sharp, whilst being warm, compassionate and understanding gave us his honest and frank opinion. He advised that as I was in my early 40s, the chances of me having a baby with my own eggs had very much deteriorated.  He explained that our best option was to consider receiving a donor egg, as all egg donors would be under 35 years and therefore give us a better chance of success.

It had never crossed my mind that we would be advised not to use my eggs. It had never occurred to me that any child I gave birth to might not be mine biologically. This needed some thought. Bath Fertility provided sessions with their counsellor Gill who was understanding and informative.  I felt better having spoken to Gill and having taken time to weigh things up, we decided to go ahead.

Just 6 weeks later, Bath Fertility informed us that an egg donor was available and we could start the process the following month.

Each step was thoroughly explained and our numerous questions answered. We chose to pay extra for time lapse monitoring. We felt that the enhanced supervision of embryo progress would give us an increased chance of pregnancy.

So, following the actions of an incredible, selfless woman who donated her eggs we then received 8 eggs, which resulted in 4 embryos. One was then transferred to me and one was frozen.

Within a couple of weeks of the transfer and just over 5 months from our first appointment at Bath Fertility, I was pregnant.

We are now the extremely proud parents of a beautiful, happy, healthy little girl and we could not feel more blessed.

The fact that our little girl comes from a donor egg does not in any way alter the way we feel about her. We simply could not love our daughter any more than we do.

Each and every member of staff that we encountered on our journey with Bath Fertility has been faultless. Warm, welcoming, understanding, compassionate, supportive, friendly, helpful and dedicated to helping us achieve a successful outcome. I cannot recommend Bath Fertility highly enough. They have changed our lives. We will be forever grateful to our donor and Bath Fertility. Thank you all xx