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Patient stories

Anonymous story

"The fact that our little girl comes from a donor egg does not in any way alter the way we feel about her. We simply could not love our daughter any more than we do...."

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Bruce and Vinesh’s story

"Once our daughter was born it was fantastic to take her to back to the centre to visit Helen, Emma and a lot of the staff. It was wonderful to go back and thank the people that helped our surrogate to carry our very special baby girl for us".

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Sherrie and Matthew’s story

“Our family now lives on through generations, thanks to the team at Bath Fertility after having ICSI IVF treatment".

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Michelle and Daniel’s story

"The nurses at Bath Fertility were so professional, knowledgeable and kind and we will be forever thankful for their help in making our dream of a family come true".

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Leanne and David’s story

"We are so grateful to everyone involved at Bath Fertility for helping me realise a dream that I once thought I could never achieve. They have gifted me the opportunity to become a mum and for this I cannot thank them enough".

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Lauren and Michael’s story

"If it wasn't for the skill and expertise of the team at Bath Fertility we would never have known the unconditional love you feel when you first hold your baby..."

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Kelly and Robert’s story

"Two weeks later, the moment we thought would never happen… a positive result. We could not believe it. We still can't quite believe it now..."

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Lianne and Andrew’s story

“I was referred to Bath Fertility by my doctor after being on clomid, with no impact. Having Polycystic Ovaries and no period myself and my husband we fighting a losing battle."

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Ruth and Emma’s story

"We weren't the only same sex couple at the Open Evening and immediately felt accepted by everyone we spoke to and booked a consultation with David Walker."

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Natasha and Adam’s story

"We have been on a very long and emotional journey with the team at Bath Fertility. Our first appointment was in 2008 and almost 10 years later we now have 2 miracle children".

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Clare and Barry’s story

“We were referred to Bath Fertility by my GP in April 2016 after trying to conceive for a couple of years without success".

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Maria and Richard’s story

Maria and Richard were referred to the centre by their GP, and were booked in for a consultation with Mr Sharp.

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Nicola and Keith’s story

Nicola and Keith contacted Bath Fertility after the couple had been trying to conceive for 14 years and were scheduled an appointment with Dr Kate Kerr shortly after.

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Lorraine and Biagio’s story

Lorraine and Biagio were referred to Bath Fertility from their GP in February 2016. Their referral came because the couple had been trying to conceive for four years.

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Emma and Melissa’s story

"Being a same sex couple, it was really important to us that we chose a clinic where we felt respected and supported with our decision and hopes".

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Sue and Martin’s story

"My husband and I found out that we needed IVF to conceive a child back in August 2013. It was a bit of a shock, but I just wanted to get on with the process".

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Melissa and Guillaume’s story

"Our fertility journey started in 2013 when we faced devastating news about the fertility of my husband and discovered that I had a very low egg reserve. At this point we had two sperm tests showing no sperm, leaving us fearful and heartbroken that we would never be able to have children!"

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Sarah and Paul’s story

"We came to Bath Fertility after losing hope having had awful treatment at another clinic. We felt confident in choosing Bath Fertility due to the excellent success rates".

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Hannah and Stuart’s story

"We had all but lost hope when we first walked through the doors, and now we are overjoyed to welcome our beautiful son into the world".

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Joanna and Ed’s story

"We had been trying to conceive for a couple of years and had undergone tests through the NHS that had confirmed we had ‘unexplained infertility’.

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Emma and Jonathan’s story

"I had started the menopause at the age of 30; our only hope of having children would be IVF using an egg donor."

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Lucy and Neil’s story

"We had many different treatments, including ICSI in 2005 which resulted in our 3 wonderful children, born over the following 6 years. We have also gone on to have another miracle baby, naturally."

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Egle and Miroslav’s story

"Bath Fertility made us the happiest family in the world."

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Louisa and Andrew’s story

Louisa and Andrew were referred by their GP following the discoveries that Andrew had a low sperm count and Louisa was suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

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Laura and Gary’s story

"He is our little miracle and we are overjoyed. Thank you so much to Bath Fertility for making our dream come true. It took us six years to conceive and it has been an emotional journey but we didn’t want to give up."

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Jodie and Naomi’s story

“My partner and I had known for a long time that we would always want to have a family together, however, as a same sex couple we knew that this would present itself with different challenges along the way".

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