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How to cope with miscarriage

Not spoken about enough, often insufficiently recognised, and for many friends, family and even medical staff, possibly an awkward subject for discussion. Too many couples struggle to understand, discuss and cope with miscarriage. Everyone’s experience is different and there is no right or wrong way to react. Listen to your thoughts and feelings, share if … Continued

Bath Fertility join the CARE Fertility Family of IVF clinics

CARE Fertility the UK’s leading independent provider of fertility treatment are very pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Bath Fertility. With centres in both Bath and Bristol, Bath Fertility has over 25 years’ experience in the sector and achieved excellent results for both NHS and private patients. Nigel Robertson, CARE Chairman said ‘It’s great … Continued

The Time-Lapse Imaging Trial (TILT) at Bath Fertility

Bath Fertility are participating in a national study looking at the effectiveness of time-lapse imaging to monitor embryo development during IVF. What exactly is time-lapse imaging? Time-lapse imaging uses special cameras within an incubator to take photos of embryos every 10 minutes. This allows the timings and development patterns of embryo growth to be watched … Continued